You Said We Did: Scrutinise This Website

You Said We Did: Scrutinise This Website

Each year, we ask groups of residents to take a close look at how certain areas of our organisation are being run, in a process called resident scrutiny.

We wanted to make more people aware of this process and so we created a section of our website to tell people all about it. 179 Jigsaw Rewards members recently gave feedback on the newly developed scrutiny section. Prior to the survey, 75% of the participants did not know what resident scrutiny was, but after reading the website 97% did. You can see the website here:


You said: There were questions and queries about the scrutiny process.

We did: Used these to create a new scrutiny FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sub-section giving answers to the most common queries.


You said: The explanation of what scrutiny is and how it works was too far down the page.

We did: Added more information about what scrutiny is and how it works higher on the page. The layout and heading names on the website were also changed to improve its flow.


You said: There was some confusing jargon on the webpage.

We did: Re-wrote the sections of text that Jigsaw Rewards members had said were confusing, to make it easier to understand.


You said: You thought meetings took place in person. Several people said they would like to get involved, but could not attend in person due to disabilities, travel difficulties or commitments .

We did: Updated the website to make it clearer that the meetings are held online and that there is a range of support available for anyone with a disability. In addition, when recruiting panel members for each scrutiny, we have been proactively promoting the personalised support that is available for anyone with a disability or health condition.

In April 2023, Jigsaw Rewards members were asked to look over the scrutiny website again and give feedback. 84% of people who had taken part in the original survey said the website had improved following the changes, with the remaining 16% responding neutrally.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey.

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