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£500,000 Community Fund

Jigsaw Foundation is an exciting opportunity for you to support local projects run by charities, resident and community groups, voluntary organisations, social enterprises and partner agencies. 

Applications are open with funding £24,999 and under voted on by tenants through our Jigsaw Rewards surveys.  Entries over this amount will be approved by the Jigsaw Homes Group’s Executive team.  Applications will also be assessed alongside the Jigsaw Group’s neighbourhood plans.

Jigsaw Foundation supports Jigsaw Group’s vision of ‘We want everyone to live successfully in a home they can afford’ and mission of ‘Creating homes. Building lives.’

See how our Jigsaw Foundation Community Fund has helped some of our neighbourhood projects in 2019/20.

For more information about the £500,000 community fund or to submit an application, please visit foundation.jigsawhomes.org.uk.

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