You Said We Did: Moving In Process and Moving In Letters Surveys

Jigsaw Rewards members recently took part in a survey to tell us about the process of moving into a Jigsaw Homes property and the letters we send as part of this process.

We received lots of helpful responses to this survey, which we are using to improve how we communicate with new tenants as they move into their new home. Here’s some examples of how we will be using the feedback from the surveys:

You said: The survey participants told us about their experiences of moving into their current homes and what their ideal process would have looked like instead e.g. how often they would want to receive progress updates, how long viewing appointments should last and what information new tenants should receive.

We did: We launched a new process for viewing a property and signing up for a tenancy in February 2024. The feedback from Jigsaw Rewards members has shaped the new process.


You said: Over 94% of people taking part in the Moving In Letters Survey told us they found the existing letters easy to understand, but people did also tell us about some ways we could make them even better.

We did: We started using new and improved letters in February 2024 based on the feedback given about the old letters.


You said: We asked people what they felt were the most important parts of the letters.

We did: We used this information to both understand how well certain information stood out and to understand resident priorities, both of which have contributed to the design of the new letters.


Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey.

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