Celebrating Eid Mubarak

Celebrating Eid Mubarak

Jigsaw residents and colleagues alike came together to share a blend of cultures, food and celebrations for Eid – an important festival in Islam that marks the end of Ramadan.

At Anchor Mill in Oldham, Neighbourhood Engagement Officer Asmina Choudhury organised a day of celebration with volunteers and 30 women from the local community.

Each took part in fun activities, wore traditional outfits and shared authentic dishes with each other, while enjoying the opportunity to socialise and make new friends.

Mrs Asma from Oldham said: “I enjoyed it so much and I had so much fun – we need more of this! This has helped me get out of the house and my mind feels fresh and relaxed.”

At the Holy Trinity Church and Community Centre in Ashton, officer Minaz Aslam helped organise an Eid celebration event.

Around 60 ladies attended, to join together to play games, have Henna applied and a raffle was held with some great prizes before lunch was served. Some local, pop-up business also attended to sell jewellery, perfumes and garments.

This themed cultural event allowed the community to come together to celebrate, as well as helping to tackle poverty, isolation and mental health, was funded by the Neighbourhood Plans fund for Ashton Central.

Residents Mrs Ismail said: “What a great event; it was so busy, and everyone enjoyed the day. This celebration was an excuse for me to dress up to actually go out somewhere nice where I feel welcome and happy. I got to chat to other ladies and I also got to sign up as a volunteer.”

Jigsaw colleagues in Connect at Cavendish 249 also celebrated Eid as they brought in homemade food and tasty desserts to mark the occasion. Some also dressed in traditional outfits to share the experience with each other.