Oldham Jobs Fair

Oldham Jobs Fair

Last week, Jigsaw’s Neighbourhood Engagement Team attended the Oldham Jobs Fair at Oldham Library to give residents important career advice and guidance.

Working in partnership with Oldham Jobs Centre, Officers Asmina Choudhury and Gemma Batchelor spoke to over 60 people to highlight the various job opportunities, resources and services available in Oldham and with Jigsaw Homes.

Asmina said: “Attending job fairs can help job seekers to get a sense of the job market and the skills and qualifications that are in demand.

“They are really helpful for those looking to connect with potential employers like ourselves, find new job and networking opportunities, resources, and the chance to find out more about our work clubs.”

Resident Aysha Poya said: “I’m so glad I attended the jobs fair. I wasn’t sure where to look for jobs, but now I can go to Jigsaw’s work club to get support with my job search.”