Jigsaw Rewards Scrutiny Panel Data Security Measures

Jigsaw Rewards Scrutiny Panel Data Security Measures

At Jigsaw, we work together with residents to shape our priorities through an active consultation process via Jigsaw Rewards Scrutiny panel.

Residents from across the Group took part in our latest Scrutiny Panel and reviewed Jigsaw’s Data Security Measures, discussing policy, procedures and performance measures. The panel was impressed with the measures already in place and felt assured that the current procedures are robust and thorough.

The panel also consulted with 160 additional residents via a Jigsaw Rewards survey, with the views of these residents helping to shape potential enhancements to the existing measures. Their recommendations included offering more accessible communication with stakeholders about how data is managed. As a result, Jigsaw will work to implement these suggestions in the future.

Debbie, a Jigsaw Rewards panel member, said “I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the scrutiny panel. I never knew so much went into keeping our information safe. I found it very interesting and informative; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.”

As a group, Jigsaw creates new and exciting opportunities for residents as part of our plan to help regenerate neighbourhoods and provide opportunities for our communities to thrive. We work closely with residents to shape our priorities together.

Scrutiny and Jigsaw Rewards give our residents a genuine opportunity to have their say through an active consultation process. A new panel of volunteers are currently scrutinising Jigsaw’s approach to lost rental income through empty properties undergoing repair and maintenance work.

If you would like to take part in future scrutiny panels or other consultations, please sign up to Jigsaw Rewards here: