Asset Management Helps Transform Community Centre Kitchen

Asset Management Helps Transform Community Centre Kitchen

Platt Bridge Community Centre in Wigan received a heartfelt gesture of goodwill thanks to Jigsaw’s Asset Management team and Jewson building materials company.

Anne Platt, Programme Co-ordinator, has attended the community centre since January after volunteering to help make tea, coffee and toast.

As the community centre kitchen was very old, Anne asked Jewson if they could donate worktops to make the kitchen more modern and hygienic to which they kindly agreed.

Members of Jigsaw’s Asset Management team Paul Orrell, Jack Millen, John Partington, Andy Foggarty and Dave Wilson went along to fit the new units as well as a new gas hob which has totally transformed the community centre kitchen.

The centre is open to everyone and on Friday mornings, residents can attend a warm hub to keep warm during the colder months. This hub has continued to stay open during the warmer weather as a way to help combat social isolation in the community.

Sue Hughes, Chairperson of Platt Bridge Community Centre, said: “I want to express our thanks and gratitude to the many individuals of Jigsaw and Jewson who gave so generously of their products, time, labour and support.

“Following the completion of the work, I immediately sent out images to the local authority and within hours was contacted and a first six week cooking course has now been booked to start after Easter.”