Be zero sustainability strategy priorities

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1. Reduce our carbon emissions by reducing the energy demands of our homes and buildings and improving their fabric.

This involves checking which homes need energy improvements, retrofitting external insulation and piloting a programme of alternative heating solutions.

2. Build high quality homes with a low carbon footprint.

Here we are looking at new building design standards to future-proof homes, researching alternatives to gas heating and piloting modern methods of construction (MMC).

3. Empower colleagues and customers to make environmentally informed decisions at home and at work.

We will be offering employees an environmental training programme, letting residents know about alternative energy sources and working together on issues like recycling and fly-tipping.

4. Significantly reduce the amount of waste we produce.

We are going to be setting targets for reducing waste across the business, including with our contractors and our new flexible working policy, which will help to reduce unnecessary travel.

5. Increase and improve access to well‐maintained green spaces for our customers

We know that having green space and access to nature is a benefit for our mental health and wellbeing. So, we will be improving some of the spaces and common areas we manage by planting trees and wild flowers, and helping residents with community gardens.

6. Develop a road map to a more responsible approach to procurement.

We are going to look for office and repairs products that are more environmentally-friendly and improve the environmental monitoring of our suppliers.

7. Reduce the impact of flooding on customers and their homes.

We know that some of our properties are at risk of flooding, so we are developing our flood response plan, putting measures in place to help residents and making sure the most at-risk properties have flood mitigation measures installed.

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