Jigsaw Scrutiny Panel to scrutinise Fire Risk Assessments

Jigsaw Scrutiny Panel to scrutinise Fire Risk Assessments

On 25 September 2019, a new Jigsaw Rewards Scrutiny Panel met at our office in Ashton to start their scrutiny of Fire Risk Assessments.

8 of our tenants came from across the North West to share their views and agree the scope of the group-wide scrutiny exercise.

The main purpose of this scoping meeting was to give Scrutiny Panel members the opportunity to decide which areas they would like the investigation to focus on. Residents would like to look at the following key areas:

•Spot Checks on communal areas (meet the expected standards)
•Fire safety awareness
•Stay put/full evacuation policies
•New builds design with fire safety in mind
•Management processes for Fire Risk Assessments

Our Chief Executive’s Department will now gather evidence based on the detailed scope set out by tenants. We will also be conducting a Jigsaw Rewards survey to find out the views of residents. In November, the scrutiny panel will meet again to scrutinise these findings.

Jigsaw Rewards is an exciting opportunity for our tenants to give us regular feedback on our services and plans for the future. In return, you will receive points which can be exchanged for gift vouchers or credits on your rent account. You can get involved in giving us your feedback about Fire Risk Assessments by joining Jigsaw Rewards now.