Celebrations at Oldham Food Grocers for Eid and Jubilee

Celebrations at Oldham Food Grocers for Eid and Jubilee

As the Oldham Food Grocers has successfully been up and running since January 2022, the Jigsaw Homes Neighbourhood Engagement Team held a joint Eid and Jubilee celebration to thank the volunteers for their hard work.

The celebration on 18 May 2022 took place at Anchor Mill Business Centre in Oldham where a food share was arranged alongside a free raffle.

Lessons teaching residents how to dress in a sari were also organised, with volunteers even sharing their own tips and tricks for folding and pinning.

The saris were recycled from a fabric collection dating back 25 years, giving the vintage clothing a new lease of life.

The event helped to introduce volunteers and residents from the local community and tackled social isolation and loneliness.

One volunteer, Runa, said “It’s a great tradition for us to come together and we’ve been in a lockdown for two years before this, so missing out on it has been very difficult for the community. But this year we’re very happy and grateful.”