Read all about our updated Neighbourhood Plans

Read all about our updated Neighbourhood Plans

The new revised versions of our Neighbourhood plans are now available on our websites.  The plans have been in place across the Group for the last two years.   During that time, our Neighbourhood Engagement team has been monitoring where this model has had most impact, where residents have benefited and where we are truly making a difference. This has allowed us to channel our resources to where they are needed most.

All our neighbourhoods have now been re-mapped based on property location and density, reducing the plans from 61 to 46 (26 managed by Jigsaw Homes Tameside, 14 by Jigsaw Homes North and six by Jigsaw Homes  Midlands.)

As a result of this re-mapping, a small number of properties no longer fit into a ‘neighbourhood plan’ but residents will continue to benefit from our excellent customer service offer and our landlord commitments. A generic ‘neighbourhood commitment’ has been created for these areas.

The extent of projects and initiatives introduced as a result of the plans is vast. These range from employment programmes, vulnerability and poverty support to targeted lettings and money management advice.

The themes covered in our Neighbourhood Plans have also been amended to reflect where we can ensure most impact. These are now:

  • Financial Wellbeing – looking at arrears levels and poverty data
  • Environment & Demand – looking at lettings and energy efficiency
  • Employment, Skills and Training – looking at unemployment levels, educational attainment and those in work at risk due to Covid-19
  • Health & Wellbeing – looking at mental and physical health and vulnerability as a result of Covid-19

The plans will be managed by our Neighbourhood Engagement team supported by colleagues from across the Group.

For more information and to view the plans in your area please follow the links below: