Register and Bid – local housing registers

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Your step by step guide to finding the right home in your area of choice.
  • Search for homes in the areas of your choice and don’t forget to check regularly as new homes are listed all the time.
  • When you find a home that’s right for you, bid on it. You can bid on more than one home at a time.
  • All bids will be reviewed and shortlisted. These are then ranked from highest priority to lowest. The highest priority will be offered the home first.
  • If you’re successful, and everything’s in order, you can view the home. If you decide that the home isn’t right for you, no problem, it will be offered to the next on the shortlist.
  • Cheshire East
Cheshire Home Choice>>
  • Cheshire West
West Cheshire Homes>>
East Midlands & Derbyshire
Lancashire & The North of England
  • Sefton
Property Pool Plus>>
  • Knowsley
Property Pool Plus>>
  • Wirral
Property Pool Plus>>
  • St Helens & Warrington
Under One Roof>>
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