Brian Moran – declaration of interest

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Brian sits on the Board of:

  • Jigsaw Homes Group Limited
  • Jigsaw Treasury Limited

Jigsaw Homes Group – Deputy Chief Executive & Company Secretary

Relationship with other organisations
  • Jigsaw Homes Group – Board Member & Secretary
  • Cavendish Property Developments – Board Member & Secretary
  • Heartland Court Management- Board Member & Secretary
  • Jigsaw Homes Midlands – Secretary
  • Jigsaw Homes North – Secretary
  • Jigsaw Homes Tameside – Secretary
  • Jigsaw Support – Secretary
  • Jigsaw Treasury – Board Member & Secretary
  • New Charter Building Co Ltd – Secretary
  • Palatine Contracts Limited – Board Member & Secretary
  • Snugg Properties – Secretary
Other types of interest


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