Neighbourhoods team get Autumn in Action

Neighbourhoods team get Autumn in Action

Our Neighbourhood Engagement team takes pride in our neighbourhoods and wants to work with residents and partners to achieve our mission of “Creating homes Building Lives”. The team will be busy over the next four weeks with ‘Autumn in Action: turn over a new leaf in your neighbourhoods.’ They have chosen neighbourhoods that have been highlighted in the Neighbourhood Plans as areas that require extra support.

The team has arranged a programme of daily activities in these chosen neighbourhoods to engage our residents in making improvements, not only to their local areas but improvements to their own wellbeing.

Working with residents and partners, the team will create a platform of different types of engagement activities under the themes of:
• Health & Wellbeing
• Environmental Improvements
• Help in Employment and Education, Skills and Training.

The team will be working together across the chosen neighbourhoods and listening to our tenants and residents to address issues. They will work with you to improve your areas and wellbeing, offer support and signpost you to partners for extra support where needed.

Look out for social media posts about the events across our social media channels and feel free to share them.

Check our Facebook page for updates about events and activities happening near you.

For more information about Autumn in Action and the activities and events that are taking place, email Tanuja Patel.