Jigsaw Group delivers the goods

Jigsaw Group delivers the goods

As part of Manchester City Councils Food Provision, Alex Patton, Michael Henson, Robert Bacon, Paul Cassidy, Paul Hadfield and Shazad Azam from Jigsaw Group have been going to Manchester twice a week to deliver food parcels to some of the vulnerable households in Manchester.

They are each averaging 15 parcel deliveries in a day, which is a huge amount over the four week period that they have been helping out. Manchester Council contacted us as they were struggling to meet the demand. Our six members of staff have been a huge help in getting people the much needed parcels as quickly as possible.

In Miles Platting, The Church of the Apostles, along with volunteers, have delivered over 100 food parcels to local people in Miles Platting and surrounding area. The food parcels have been essential to lending a helping hand in difficult times. The church have used food from FareShare to make the parcels and have been able to continue this provision with funding of £4,300 from the Neighbourhood Engagement Team.

This provision was available at the start of lockdown and the Church was initially inundated with requests for food parcels. They are now working with Manchester City Council and act as an emergency provision for those desperate for food and to ‘bridge the gap’ when the council can’t get food to people urgently out of hours or over the weekend.

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