The Better Health Campaign – for a healthy new year

The Better Health Campaign – for a healthy new year

Jigsaw Homes residents are being encouraged to get motivated to get healthier in 2021 due to COVID-19.

In support of Public Health England’s latest Better Health new year campaign, we’re encouraging adults in our neighbourhoods to work towards a healthier lifestyle, whether it’s losing weight, getting more active, looking after their mental wellbeing, or quitting smoking.

In Tameside, for example, there are currently 11% of adults living with obesity and 60% are overweight.

New research has found that eight in ten (78%) adults in the North West have made the active decision to make changes to their lifestyle in 2021, with nearly seven in ten (65%) saying they are motivated to make healthier lifestyle changes due to coronavirus.

Compared to last year in the North West, almost half of people (38%) feel more motivated to make changes to their life in January. Eating more healthily (39%), losing weight (38%) and exercising more (42%) were at the top of the list of changes. Evidence shows that being obese significantly increases your chance of being admitted to intensive care with COVID-19 compared to those with a healthy BMI.

Councillor Eleanor Wills, Tameside Council’s Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Population Health, said: “The start of a new year is always a good time to make changes to improve your physical, mental health and wellbeing, especially now as we see COVID-19 cases on the increase.  Doing what we can to improve our health will help protect against the virus.

“Being under Lockdown restrictions does not mean we can’t go out to exercise. See the Stay at Home Government’s guidelines on exercising and meeting other people:

“Residents who want professional support to lose weight, to cut down on drinking, to give up smoking or to become more active to lead a healthier lifestyle can make an appointment with Be Well Tameside on: 0161 716 2000, or email:”

The Better Health campaign provides a wide range of free NHS tools such as the NHS 12 Week Weight Loss app and advice to support healthier habits, including suggestions on how to increase physical activity, make healthier food choices, lose weight, improve mental health and quit smoking.

 Search ‘Better Health’ or visit for free tools and support to help you make healthy changes.

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