200 Winter Warmer Packs Delivered

200 Winter Warmer Packs Delivered

More than 200 winter warmer packs have been delivered to residents in need as part of this year’s Keep Warm Keep Well project.

Jigsaw’s Neighbourhood Engagement Team has distributed the packs, which included indoor solar lights, LED light bulbs, draught excluders, room thermometers, information leaflets and either a duvet, a fleeced hoodie or a blanket.

Alan and Florence Morris said: “This is a brilliant light and only takes a few minutes to charge up and lasts a long time. We have placed the draught excluder strip around the downstairs wash room which has stopped the cold from coming through, making the rest of the house warmer.”

Florence said she loves her warm blanket and permits Alan to share this if he is good!

Another resident said: “We are overwhelmed and so grateful for your generosity and kindness. You are a very caring landlord. A lot of thought has gone into these packs. The items and advice that you have provided are so useful and will make a real and tangible difference to us and many others. Well done.”