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The Group encourage employee development and learning through a range of opportunities promoted throughout the organisation.

The Jigsaw Group Provides...
  • All new starters attend the corporate induction session and mandatory training – tailored to their role. (Any additional training is approved by line managers in accordance with the training budget.)
  • A regular training calendar which details available training courses. In-house training is delivered by specialists – Jigsaw Group uses both internal and external providers.
  • Supported attendance on short courses, briefings and seminars which are relevant to individual job roles.
  • Supported and partially supported attendance on day release courses or distance/open learning via colleges and universities.
  • Support for professional subscriptions to ensure employees remain up to date within their chosen field.
  • Management qualifications accredited by the Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM)
  • The opportunity to shadow other employees in the organisation to learn about their role and how it fits in with other teams within the business
  • An annual Away Day – where we look back at the achievements of the last 12 months from across the company to celebrate our successes and share our vision for the coming months.
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