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Our graduates receive a tailored career development plan with clearly defined job roles, responsibilities, milestones, feedback and mentoring over a three year period to enable them to reach their full potential.

Graduate development plan

The development plan is designed to prepare graduates for their first junior management role within the Group; they will work in several areas within the business to experience a wide variety of careers paths (that may be available to them in the future) – from our contact centre to our supported projects.

Graduates will spend a few months in each department; consequently they must be able to absorb new and complex information quickly to ensure each placement is effective.

It is essential that Jigsaw Homes Group graduates are customer focused, ambitious and want to succeed in a leadership role. Strong communication skills are essential.  Graduates must also have the ability to build effective working relationships to enable them to gain the most from their experiences.

In addition to all this, graduates will have access to an established support network of ‘past and present’ graduates to provide every opportunity for them to flourish.

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